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slippery surfaces slippery surfaces emerges as a continuous rebirth, as the physical world slowly disintegrates. Through technological modernization, designed by human intellect for human delight, virtuality becomes reality, enabling the embodiment of nonphysical figures. New skins are worn, weaved with haptic sensors, in the insistence of preserving tactile conversations. By including the participants in the decision-making process, the unrolling of this whole story will be a consequence of what is initially delivered. This choice is persistently underlined, for being the only faithful way of reaching a proximity to our existence in society as we know it, in a body that is continuously drawn and delimited by alien words and gestures. As so, this work will be a reflection of human connection and its new (non)nature, in a futurism that quickly converges with the present time.
😳️😳️😳️2023 : slippery surfaces [extended]

🥵️🥵️🥵️2022 : slippery surfaces